predatorecology.org is a website about the ecology and conservation of predators, both terrestrial and marine.

It is written and mainted by Markus Jais.

What predators are covered?

Many animals are predators incl. lot’s of insects (e.g. dragonflies) and small songbirds (who mostly rely on insects, at least during the breeding period).

This website covers everything related to the ecology and conservation of predators and predation. This includes:

– Carnivores particulalry wolves, big cats, but also the smaller members of the order Carnivora.
– large fish incl. sharkes, tunas, swordfish, etc
– predatory whales like sperm whales and orcas
– predatory birds incl. eagles, falcons, seabirds, owls, etc
– reptiles like monitor lizards, snakes or crocodiles
– the effects of predation on the population of prey species, e.g. nest predation in birds
– intra-guild relationships among predators
– trophic cascades
– the conservation of predators


About me:
I’ve been interested in nature, particulary birds since I was a child. I run the www.europeanraptors.org website and contribute to www.africanraptors.org.

My main interests are:

– Carnivores (cats, canids, mustelids, seals, etc)
– raptors (eagles, falcons, buzzards, etc)
– sharks, other large predatory fish, orcas
– predator-prey relationship
– predator ecology, impact of predators on ecosystems, biodiversity
– conservaton