Livestock guarding dogs reduce killing of predators

| December 1, 2013 | Reply

The use of livestock guarding dogs can significantly reduce loss of animals to predators. For example, these dogs are used to keep away wolves from sheep in some European countries with great success.
If the dogs help to reduce the loss of livestock, farmers might tolerate predators and stop shooting or poisoning them.

A new study from South Africa showed that guarding dogs can also help to significantly reduce loss of livestock to big cats like Cheetahs or Leopards and also smaller carnivores like Jackals.
This also reduced the illegal killing of those predators by farmers.

According to the study, livestock guarding dogs eliminated livestock losses from predators on 91% of the farms studied. That is a very high number and shows how effective those dogs can be to help protect livestock.
This should work for almost all medium-sized and large carnivores around the globe except maybe the really big cats like Lions or Tigers who might not be deterred by large dogs and in the worst case just kill the dogs.

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