Panthera launches Project Pardus: the first global conservation initiative for wild leopards

| May 8, 2014 | Reply

The cat conservation NGO Panthera has launched Project Pardus, a global initiative to protect wild Leopards.

Panthera has already been active working for Leopard conservation for many years in Africa but the new initiative has a wider and much more ambitious scope and expands to project other places like India, Sri Lanka and Iran.

The Leopard is still more numerous than the Tiger or Lion but it is critical that conservation measures are taken now so the species does never get as rare as it’s bigger relatives.
And many Leopard subspecies (e.g. the Persian and Amur Leopards) are already extremely rare and in danger of extinction.
For this reasons, this new initiative is great and welcome news for this amazing cat.

More information:
Project Pardus

Press release about Project Pardus (PDF)


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