Ruaha Carnivore Project Progress Report for Spring – Summer 2013 published

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The Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP) in Tanzania is part of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit WildCRU and aims to help develop effective conservation strategies for large carnivores in Tanzania’s remote Ruaha landscape incl. the Ruaha National Park.  The area is home to many large predators like Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Spotted Hyaenas and African Wild Dogs.

The RCP has very innovative ideas about carnivore conservation incl. working with the Lions Guardians project which I think is one of the most interesting and promising ideas to protect lions in Africa.  This is also supported by Panthera’s Lion Program.

The project has just published their Spring – Summer 2013 project report.

Some highlights:

  • Five Barabaig Warriors become the first Ruaha Lion Guardians and will now help to protect Lions and helping local people to avoid livestock loss to Lions and other predators. First results are encouraging.
  • 8027 camera trap images have been recorded so far.  They photographed 43 animal species incl. 22. carnivores.
  • Up to 60% of attacks on livestock occur at livestock enclosures (called bomas). The RCP helps local people to improve their enclosures to drastically reduce loss of livestock to Lions, Leopards and other predators. So far not a single head of livestock has been lost while inside the reinforced bomas. This greatly helps to reduce conflicts with carnivores and people are less likely to kill Lions and other predators. Often poison is used and this also kills many other animals incl. vultures (of which many are now endangered across Africa) and eagles. Working with local people is essential in carnivore conservation and this is a great example for how to do it.
  • Education is very important and RCP works hard to educate the local people about conservation. For example, DVDs about wildlife conservation are shown at village centres, schools and subvillages throughout the area and attract many people incl. lot’s of childen.

This is just a quick summary and I highly recommend reading the full Spring – Summer 2013 project report.

Of course you can help to support the project by making a donation.

The RCP is supported by several other NGOs, incl. Panthera, a great NGO dedicated exclusively to the protection of the world’s cats.

Protecting the large carnivores will help to not only protect those species themselves but keep ecological processes intact. For example carnivores provide lot’s of carrion for other animals like jackals, vultures or Tawny Eagles.

More information:

Ruaha Carnivore Project Spring – Summer 2013 project report.

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