Tigers Forever: Important and beautiful new book about Tigers published

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A spectacular new book about Tigers and their conservation has recently been published. It is called “Tigers forver” and is written by Steve Winters and others. Steve Winter is one of the best wildlife photographers in the world and Media director for Panthera, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of wild cats.

The book has the same title as the “Tiger conservation program run by Panthera to protect the world’s most endangered big cat.

The book is full of absolutely spectacular pictures. I am a nature photographer myself and I can imagine how much work went into getting many of the shots in the book. I know of no other Tiger book that has the same quality of Tiger pictures.

The text is full of stories and information about Tiger conservation and you will learn a lot by reading the book. It is a rare blend of great pictures and lot’s of interesting information.

This book is a must for everyone interesting in Tigers in particular or wild cats and conservation in general.

More information about the book can be found here:
Tigers Forver Book.

More information about Panthera’s Tiger program:
Tigers Forever.

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