Wild cat ecology and conservation news June 2013

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Summary of important news about the ecology and conservation of wild cat species in June 2013:


Antipoaching program by Panthera
Wild cat NGO Panthera has started a new campaign to fight illegal poaching.


Dog Disease Infecting Tigers, Making Them Fearless.
Canine distemper virus is threatening tigers in Russia and other places.

Don’t blame the tiger.
Article about why the Tiger should not be blamed for the lack of conservation efforts elsewhere in India.

Illegal mining leading to disappearance of tigers in Ranthambhore National Park.
New threat to tigers through illlegal mining operations.

Snowy tigers and giant owls: conservation against the odds in Russia’s Far East
Interview about the conservation of Siberian Tigers, Amur Leopards and Blakiston’s Fish Owl.

Tiger count goes up in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu: Wildlife Conservation Society data
Tiger numbers going up in some areas in India.

Human Activities Threaten Sumatran Tiger Population
The effect of human activities on tigers on Sumatra.


Study of Pumas in Santa Cruz Mountains Documents Impact of Predator/Human Interaction.
Already published in April. Researchers document how human development affects the habits of pumas in California.
Another article about this research is: Top Cats: How Pumas and Other Apex Predators’ Populations Affect The Big Biodiversity Picture.

A Glamorous Killer Returns
NY Times article about the range expansion of Pumas.


New Strides in Wild Cat Conservation – Panama and Panthera Establish Historic Jaguar Protection Agreement.
Great news for Jaguars in Panama. A new conservation agreement by the government of Panama and Panthera, a global big cat conservation organization.

New large-scale jaguar camera-trap study underway in Guatemala
New research project about Jaguars in Guatemala.
Another article about Jaguars in Guatema: Jaguars of Guatemala: elusive cats caught on film.

Remote camera photos show rare male jaguar roaming Southern Arizona mountains near Tucson
Male Jaguar photographed in Arizona.

60 big cats killed in Brazilian parks in last two years.
Jaguars and Pumas killed in protected areas in Brazil.


Leo’s Star Sets in the West
Long and detailed article about the situation of Lions in West Africa.

Iberian Lynx:

Cause for celebration as Iberian lynx caught on camera in western Portugal
An critically endangered Iberian Lynx has been photographed by a camera trap in western Portugal.

Canada Lynx

Judge stops 3 logging projects over lynx.
Logging projects in national forests on Montana stopped because of Canada Lynx.


Blind, starving cheetahs: the new symbol of climate change?
Climate change, bush encroachment and it’s effect on Cheetahs.

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