Wolf and other wild canid ecology and conservation news June 2013

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Summary of important news about the ecology and conservation of wolves and other wild canid species in June 2013:


Going to the Dogs: 8 Endangered Canids
A list and description of 8 endangered canid species around the world.


Study: Wyoming wolves getting bad rap for elk decline.
New study about the effects of Wolves on Elk numbers in Wyoming.
Another article about this: Low pregnancy rates in elk not due to wolves.

Wolves in Montana improperly managed
Blog article about Wolf management in Montana.

Predator and Prey, a Delicate Dance
NY Times article about the current situation of Wolves in the Isle Royale National Park.
Another article about the Wolves on Isle Royale: Wolf population on Isle Royale dwindles to 8

They Shoot Wolves, Don’t They? How the Wild West Is Lost
Passionate article about the proposed delisting of the Wolves in the United States and why this is wrong.

Proposed Removal of Gray Wolves’ Endangered Status a Case Study in the Politicization of Science
In depth article about the politics behind the propsed Wolf delisting in the United States.

Wolf Experts React To USFWS National Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal
Youtube video about Wolf delisting and why experts thinks it is too early.

New research confirms wolves trigger a trophic cascade (Wisconsin)
New research about Wolves and trophic cascades in Wisconsin.

The Language of Wolves
Article about why wolf conservation isn’t just about the survival of the species but the survival of wilderness.

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